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The loudest part of the energy transition!

About LV Energy

Noise into energy

Noise pollution is everywhere, our goal is to use the loudest noises to make usable energy.

Where the air is filled with sound waves, a lot of energy is floating around; totally wasted in most cases. For example, the noise coming from a wind turbine is very annoying for anyone living close by and doesn’t add up to the energy harvested by the turbine. Until now; with LV Energy’s patented technology, we can convert these sound waves into usable electrical energy.

All day and all night!

One of the unique characteristics of this technology is that it works day and night, all year! For example, solar panels work only when there is (a little) sunshine; which is on average in Europe less than 30% of the time (Average of 2.335 hours on a yearly basis).

Embrace silence!

The law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed – only converted from one form of energy to another. This means that the sound waves we convert to electrical energy are no longer sound waves. The annoying wind turbine mentioned before can generate more energy using our technology, while being less noisy for the environment. Talking about a win-win!

Check out our website and see our products or licenses to find out how to implement this new technology for your energy goals.

Proof of Concept

300mV+ capable


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