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Protostar front_edited.png



Prototype PCB and 3D render of the Protostar in development

A portable computer device with two external harvesters that can charge a 5000mAh battery and run on the battery for about 20 hours. Using a large (8") touchscreen, it offers a nice visual presentation of several values about how the sound harvesters are performing in certain areas. This machine can be used to quickly determine if a specific location is suitable for harvesting sound energy. 


Above all, it's a great tool at exhibitions or seminars, demonstrating the technology without the need to bring large panels. The WaveHarvester panels included are 150x250mm and can be customized with a canvas print covering the transducer fields. The Protostar can be the star at your booth when your company is diving into sound energy as a new source of energy!


The Protostar comes with two micro harvesters on-board and an extension slot for various 35x60mm WaveHarvester test boards (aimed for different frequencies / locations). Two external WaveHarvesters are included. You'll find three rotary buttons to adjust input levels on the front panel.  



The firmware included is a complete package that monitors the energy harvesting process, the battery status, charging levels and other sensor readouts. The firmware is completely open source, so you can modify whatever you like or add new features. The 8" display is driven by the Protostars powerful processor and the firmware uses the open source LVGL Graphics Library to create an attractive, user-friendly interface.


External connectivity is provided using wired Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB. 

Power is provided through USB or by the battery, charged by either USB or the sound energy harvesters!


The Protostar can also be used as a development board for developers and engineers that have joined our quest.


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