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The WaveHarvester Solid is the first electric energy generating product based on the sound wave to energy harvesting technology by LV Energy. 


Currently, three series are in development: 3.3V, 5V or 12V, depending on the total expected current and the available infrastructure. Most solar farms for example are based on 12V sectors, making the required equipment widely available (inverters, storage, etc).

The WaveHarvester comes as 140x140mm (5.51"x5.51") or 250x250mm (9.84"x9.84") boards and we have achieved a Watt peak (Wp) capacity of 7Wp in our laboratory at a nominal sound pressure of 88 decibels (88dB). Per square meter this results in a capacity of 112Wp@88dB.

Get started!

Contact our sales engineer to get started on a quotation and detailed planning for your project. Please keep in mind that the product is in constant development, so values above are constantly changing. These will have a positive impact on the Wp levels since we're gaining effectiveness at lower nominal sound pressure levels. 

We can take contracts for multiple MegaWatts in joint development areas with energy companies and we're open to discuss possibilities for joining in collaborative government programs as well.

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