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The Discovery is a computer device loaded with sensors, designed for a more permanent installation. By installing the Discovery at a location, feasibility of the location, positioning and expected yield of the WaveCatchers can be calculated. 



The sensors are mainly located on the device itself, with the possibility for two additional micro harvester boards to be plugged in. Included with each Discovery are two micro harvester boards. Installed on board: a gyroscope (used for optimal positioning), dB, humidity, light, temperature and air pressure sensors. 


External connectivity is provided using wired Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB and CANBUS. A GPS receiver is also onboard to provide location details when you're using multiple Discoveries to monitor multiple locations. The Discovery returns a JSON-style output (using a Rest API) for easy integration in existing location management software. Internally, a connection is available to connect WaveHarvester infrastructure to provide monitoring access.

Power is provided through an integrated 100~240V power adapter, USB or Power over Ethernet (PoE). The micro harvesters are for measurement purposes only.

Open source firmware

The Discovery comes loaded with firmware to make it usable out of the box. For the enthusiasts the complete package is available in source code as well. This allows you to make your own modifications, add features and make sure you get the right measurement results for your applications.


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