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We're developing a few products based on our technology to provide the basic tools to get you started! We strongly believe in joint development projects and products with our licensing model.

Discovery Orange 2.png

The Discovery is a computer device loaded with sensors designed for a more permanent installation. By installing the Discovery at a location, feasibility, positioning and expected yield of the WaveHarvesters can be calculated for that location. 

The sensors are mainly located on the device itself, but some additional boards can be plugged in (micro harvesters). Included are two micro harvester boards, a dB sensor, gyroscope (used for optimal positioning), humidity, light, temperature and air pressure sensors.


Connectivity is provided using WiFi, wired Ethernet or USB. 

Check out the product page for more details!

WaveCatcher / WaveHarvester - Solid

Panels comparable to solar panels that can be placed in noisy areas, for instance at the foot or at the top of a wind turbine to add more 'yield' to the windmill or at event locations at the backside of LED-screens to feed those directly.

Currently in development in 3.3V, 5V or 12V variants.


Check out the product page for more information!

WaveCatcher / WaveHarvester - Flexible

Flexible, skin-like panels that can be placed in noisy areas on curved areas, for instance at the bottom of an electric car to charge its batteries while driving. Since sound waves penetrate through paint and covers, it can be included in the design without influencing the aerodynamics of the car (or wing, or ... ).


Currently available for joint development purposes only. Get in touch for more information.


A small computer device that can charge a battery, run on the battery and present a nice visual presentation. It displays various values about how the sound harvesters are performing in certain areas. The Protostar can be used to determine if a specific location is suitable for harvesting energy from sound waves. It's also a great tool at exhibitions or seminars to demonstrate the technology without the need to bring large panels.

The Protostar can also be used as a development board for developers and engineers that have joined our quest.


Check out the product page for more details!

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